Anonymizer  5.3.1
SDK for anonymization of human faces and licence plates in images.


Anonymizer software searches for and anonymizes faces and license plates in image using cutting-edge detection and blurring technology developed by Eyedea Recognition. Faces and number plates are detected in various scales and orientations. Blurring filters are applies to make the faces unidentifiable and the number plates unreadable.

Main features

  • Cutting-edge face and number plate detection technology
  • Smooth and seamless blurring
  • Support for 360° panoramic images
  • Solution targeting all major platforms

Getting started

Anonymizer SDK has a simple API for implementation Anonymizer into user's solution. Only anInit(), anAnonymize() and anFree() fucntions are necessary for complete image anonymization. See example-files.cpp for implementation details.

Moreover Anonymizer supports direct anonymization of JPEG and RAW image buffer.

See also
Anonymizer API, example-files.cpp, example-buffers.cpp